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  "Everyone is a talent", it is red star machinery on the core concept of talent strategy. Lack of talent is not the main factors hindering the development of the company, but the lack of talent mechanism, each staff has their own strengths and weaknesses, the company to develop and use of the person is good, as long as the employee's potential to maximize, whether in the reasonable control of the human cost, talent utilization, as well as economic benefit of the company will get a qualitative leap.
  Talent strategy has always been a red star machinery development strategy is an important part of, "when use, meritocracy, men" is the red star mechanical principle of choose and employ persons, "attracting talent, develop talent" is the consistent policy of hongxing machinery, are also at the heart of the red star machinery talent strategy. In the process of the growth of red star machinery, to create first-class talents for the red star machinery industry pioneer laid a solid foundation.
  "People-oriented" is the important concept of hongxing machinery enterprise culture, talent is the first resources, is an enterprise's development and competition. In hongxing machinery, has a broad space for personal development and personal growth environment, effective performance appraisal incentive mechanism, rich culture and generous welfare benefits; In hongxing machinery, there is a set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use and development of human resources management system. All this, make each people all have ideal, have the ability to play in their respective jobs, realize self ambition!
  Hongxing mechanical concept of talent, let truth here sublimation let life forging here.
  Welcome more talented people to join the red star machinery, hongxing machinery will give you enough space, allowing you to play!

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