Hongxing Machinery vigorously promotes the construction of Haizhi Workstation
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In order to implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises by talents and achieve high-quality development of enterprises, Hongxing Machinery has vigorously promoted the construction of Haizhi Workstation and achieved fruitful results. A few days ago, it passed the appraisal of experts from the Organizational Department of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial science and technology association, and passed the on-site appraisal and assessment of the Organizational Department of the Fuzhou Municipal Committee, the Fuzhou Science and Technology Association, the Organizational Department of the Dongxiang District Committee and the district science and technology association.


Zheng Jinfeng, Vice Minister of Organizational Department of Fuzhou Municipal Committee, Huang Xueqin, Director of Talents Office, Li Qunbiao, Director of Organizational Department of Dongxiang District Committee, Li Guorong, Chairman of Science and Technology Association of the District, District Talents Office and other city and district leaders visited the company for on-site inspection and guidance. Hearing the report of the chairman and general manager of the company, Huaqing expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the successful introduction of European first-class talents and technology and the development of 5HP series mobile dryers. At the same time, he encouraged and encouraged Hongxing Machinery Company to further implement and expand the work of "double return and double creation", and introduced more overseas talents to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Service innovation drives development and provides strong talent support and intellectual guarantee for high-quality and leapfrog development of our city.


Minister Zheng and his delegation visited the company's laser cutting production site.


Minister Zheng and his delegation visited the production site of the grain dryer to understand in detail the production technology and performance characteristics of the mobile grain dryer. They are full of expectations for the development prospects of the dryer.


Huaqingdi, chairman and general manager of the company, participated in the "Haizhi Workstation" Talents Exchange Seminar organized by the Organizational Department of the District Committee and the District Science and Technology Association.

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