When transport (m):4.85
Work (m):7.50
Width (m):3.35
Work as chief(when non-working chief) (m):8.20(6.85)
Weight (kg):4890
required powerKW(HP):35(80)
Batch grain productivity A.w.o,70:38mc 26ton
average daily output grain moisture14-28%(t):135

Product Introduction

 5 HP series grain dryer is JiangXi HongXing Machinery Co.,Ttd. in recent years, research and development of new grain drying equipment has the world advanced level. A flexible, intelligent operation, complete function, high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, and other significant characteristics of multi-usage, sexual price value. Even the 10 national patents. The main products are 5 HPB, 5 HPS, HPL, 5 HPXL four series, production capacity of each batch 3 to 55 tons. This series product is suitable for a variety of crops, such as rice, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, corn, sorghum, millet, etc.

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